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NEWS | July 14, 2015

3D MCDS OCP (FWD) partners with the Kuwait National Guard

By Story by Master Sgt. Juan Unigarro 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support

KUWAIT - The 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support (MCDS) Operational Command Post (OCP) Forward (FWD) always looks to strengthen the relationship with coalition partners to shape the area of operation in accordance with ARCENT priorities.

The Kuwait National guard (KNG) in cooperation with the Kuwait Army (KA) conducted an annual Medical Capabilities Demonstration, Jan. 19, 2015. The 3rd MCDS OCP (FWD) professional medical services staff were on hand and provided their clinical assessments to the KNG staff. 

Kuwaiti soldiers role played as terrorists attacking a mock embassy. The Kuwaiti special operations team and the Medical Services Branch were on display as the demonstration developed. The KNG worked with the Kuwait Emergency Medical Team (EMT) to quickly assess and stabilize casualties. 

Capt. Krystal Rall, 3D MCDS OCP (FWD), Professional Service Future Operations officer said, “Their medical interventions were almost identical to the U.S treatment standards. It was even noted that their Mass Casualty Incident Tag is very similar to the U.S. Army’s Casualty Triage cards”

Capt. Tyra Oliver, commander of the 55th Combat Stress Control Detachment said, “The quick response of the KNG was excellent. It was great to see how well each section worked together to take care of service members”

Col. Khaled Al- Jassem, commander of KNG Logistics and Supply Support Command congratulated his soldiers and praised them for their hard work. “Your execution was above excellence, I am very proud of you all,” said Al-Jassem.

First Lt. Hamad Saleh, platoon leader, KNG Medical Services Command, EMT Branch, hosted the 3D MCDS Soldiers and provided a personal tour of the event. This enabled the U.S. Soldiers to properly assess the training event. 

Col. Khaled Al-Jassem invited the 3D MCDS OCP (FWD) to observe and train with the KNG.

The 3D MCDS continues to be the premier medical command and the Operational Command Post (Forward) continues to strengthen coalition partner relationships while continuing to shape the battlefield, thus improving partner capacity and increasing interoperability.