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NEWS | Jan. 9, 2024

Anderson, Reeves meet with JMC’s Reserve Element Detachment

By Matthew Wheaton Joint Munitions Command

In mid-November, Col. Ronnie Anderson Jr., the commander of the Joint Munitions Command, and Christopher Reeves, JMC’s Command Sgt. Maj., attended a meet-and-greet session with the command’s Army Reserve Element Detachment.

The pair had a candid and open discussion with Col. Deon Considine, who commands JMC’s detachment, as well as eight others in the unit, which is made up of a total of 15 Soldiers.

JMC provides precise and predictive conventional munitions sustainment and life cycle management to an expeditionary global force from 17 arsenals, depots, and ammo plants across the spectrum of conflict in support of the Joint Force.

By incorporating a Reserve Detachment, JMC has bolstered the efficiency of its mission to supply ready, reliable, and lethal ammunition to all military services within the Department of Defense.

Since September 2009, JMC’s Reserve Detachment has furnished a ready, well-trained, and deployable force, showcasing demonstrated expertise in logistics, operations, planning, joint exercise support, and ammunition missions.

In the continental United States, the detachment provides personnel and logistics assistance for coordinated National Guard and Army Reserve training and exercises in support of JMC depots and plants.

“The key role we have played in recent years has been working as liaisons on both storage reform and asset realignment missions for JMC depots during Operation Patriot Press,” Considine said.

OPP, established by the Army Materiel Command, is designed to promote readiness by providing real world training for Army requirements and to achieve training towards Mission Essential Task requirements for Army active duty, Army Reserve, National Guard, and various other service branches. Twenty-eight units participated in 24 exercises for JMC OPP missions in 2023.

The JMC Reserve Detachment component officer and non-commissioned officer logisticians can be requested to provide direct support to JMC’s headquarters and subordinate commands and are assigned based on JMC command priorities.

JMC’s Reserve Detachment also supports the operational exercises with officers and senior non-commissioned officers at the United States Forces Korea Joint Munitions level. The unit also provides direct support of the JMC Senior Command Representative at the 403rd Army Field Support Brigade.

“The reserve detachment’s diverse responsibilities encompass ammunition storage, equipment maintenance, and logistical support, reflecting its integral role in bolstering the operational prowess of JMC,” Anderson said. “Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, the unit contributes significantly to the overall success and effectiveness of our mission.”