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NEWS | Oct. 30, 2023

A Legacy of Service Overseas

By Maj. William Wratee 411th Engineer Brigade

New Windsor, New York  – The 411th Engineer Brigade, based in New Windsor, New York, is preparing for an upcoming deployment supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. The preparation for this deployment has been a year-long journey. Under the command of Colonel Kirk Claunch, the brigade's headquarters element will play a crucial role in collaborating with international partners and local authorities to provide engineer support to units in the theater. Additionally, they will offer support and guidance to lower-level engineer assets within their operational area.

The 411th Engineer Brigade is one of two Army Reserve engineer brigades assigned to the 412th Theater Engineer Command, headquartered in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Their expertise in combat engineering, construction, and infrastructure development will be instrumental in enhancing the capabilities of units on the ground in the theater of operations.

Brigadier General Todd Lazaroski, the Commander of the 412th Theater Engineer Command, expressed his gratitude for the support of families, friends, and the community, acknowledging their sacrifice and resilience as a source of strength for the soldiers embarking on this vital mission.

The 411th Engineer Brigade has a rich history of deployments, making significant contributions to missions like Operation Desert Storm, Operation Joint Endeavor, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Major Clint Turner, the senior human resources officer for the brigade, emphasized the preparations that have taken place over the past year. "We have assessed individual and unit training, medical and dental readiness, conducted medical examinations, and administered vaccinations to ensure that all soldiers are physically fit and medically ready for deployment," said Turner.

In addition to individual soldier preparation, the unit has also focused on organizing family readiness groups to support the families of those deployed. This includes ensuring families can access support services for family-related concerns during the mission. 1st Lt. Tyshayla Joyner, who will serve as the commander of the remaining element of the headquarters, will oversee and lead the effort as the main body deploys forward. She will be responsible for administrative and logistical support, communication and coordination of family support, training and readiness, and continuity of operations.

"Our goal as the rear element is to maintain the cohesion and effectiveness of the 411th Engineer Brigade while the forward element deploys for their overseas mission."

Building upon past experiences and learning from new ones is a testament to the resilience, dedication, and commitment of the 411th Engineer Brigade. As they move forward, their story becomes part of a legacy of service which remains unbroken.