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NEWS | June 15, 2023

63rd Readiness Division celebrates its 80th birthday

By Sgt. Robert McIntosh 222nd Broadcast Operations Detachment

The 63rd Readiness Division at the Sgt. James T. Witkowski Armed Forces Reserve Center in Mountain View, California, celebrated its 80th birthday June 9, 2023.

Founded during World War II on June 15, 1943, the 63rd RD will host an Open House displaying artifacts from the past eight decades.

Maj. Gen. Miles Davis, commanding general, 63rd Readiness Division, recognizes the importance of Soldiers learning the history of their command.

“You can’t go anywhere unless you know where you started,” Davis said. “So, understanding its history, understanding the part of the division that made it during WWII and created the division that they belong to.”

Retired Maj. Gen. Robert Ostenberg, former Commanding General, 63rd Regional Support Command, sees the 63rd RD as a bridge between the Army Reserve and the civilians in the local communities.

“For the civilian community, those that live around Reserve units, will join because it’s something they feel that maybe they would like to do and be involved in and I think that’s key,” Ostenberg said. “As we can see around here in this area, we’ll probably have a lot of civilians that will be coming by and trying to find out, ‘Ok, what is the 63rd all about?’ I think we’ll see a lot of that in terms of former members like myself here too.”

Then there’s the community itself and Maj. Gen. Davis values the coalition between the people and the Soldiers of the Army Reserve.

“History actually keeps going every minute that we’re here,” Davis said. “The importance of that with the community to understand as well is that we’re made up of members of the community. The Army Reserve is the community participating in the Army.”

As the 63rd RD continues to build upon its history, Maj. Gen. Davis is appreciative to be a part of something he has driven towards throughout the course of his career.

“It’s a privilege, it’s an honor, it’s something that I always hoped to do and it’s something that I always aspired to do,” Davis said. “It’s the hardest job that you can have, but it’s the most rewarding job. The thing with the 63rd Readiness Division, it covers seven states and there’s 44,000 Soldiers within that footprint that I’m responsible for supporting the readiness of and having the team and leading the team and working side by side with the team that is doing that is just an awesome opportunity and just something I feel very blessed about having.”

To all the members of the 63rd Readiness Division, we wish you a Happy 80th Birthday.

“I want to give a special thanks to all those members of the team, plus the community including NASA, including Fort Hunter Liggett, including all our team here who put in long hard hours to bring to life the history of the division as well as to showcase modernization efforts within the Army and the capabilities within the Army going forward,” Davis said. “To build that confidence in the community, not only the pride of where we’ve come from, but the confidence we have, what it takes to face what will come to us at any time in the future.”