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NEWS | May 22, 2023

338th Military Intelligence Battalion welcomes new commander and sergeant major

By Maj. Joshua Frye Military Intelligence Readiness Command

Soldiers, families and guests attended the 338th Military Intelligence Battalion (Interrogation) change of command ceremony May 18.

Anyone looking for a great unit with a great mission and great people should look no further than the 338th MI Battalion.Lt. Col. Tenay Benes

Col. Bill Putnam, the Interrogation Group commander, served as reviewing officer and speaker.

Lt. Col. Clay Baldwin relinquished command of the Black Bear battalion during the event held in the drill hall of the MG James E. Rudder Reserve Center. Baldwin served as battalion commander for almost two years and was recently selected to attend a senior service college. He welcomed Lt. Col. Tenay Benes and Command Sgt. Maj. William Taylor to the unit.

“I am so excited to have this opportunity to command the Black Bear Battalion,” said Benes after the ceremony.

Benes emphasized the expeditionary and operational missions of her new command. “I specifically requested to command an MTOE unit because this is the echelon where all the fun is found. Our Soldiers get to drive HMMWVs, shoot crew-served weapons, and run collection operations in an austere environment—this is why we joined the Army.”

Benes is no stranger to the Military Intelligence Readiness Command. Over seven years, she served in roles including operations officer and Analysis & Control Element chief at the 323rd Military Intelligence Battalion, and as an operations officer with the 3100th Strategic Intelligence Group.

Command Sgt. Maj. William Taylor is a 28-year veteran of the Army and joins the unit as part of the Command Team Assistance Program (CTAP). CTAP allows Active Guard Reserve (AGR) leaders to fill Troop Program Unit (TPU) positions. Taylor is assigned as the III Corps Army Reserve Affairs Sergeant Major at Fort Cavazos, Texas. He assumed responsibility of the 338th MI Battalion during the ceremony.

Taylor relished learning about the unit’s accomplishments. “I am impressed. The level of competence and mission focus that the Soldiers of the 338th display is amazing. The 338th is a cohesive unit with a positive can-do attitude with a unique, interesting and relevant mission.”

Col. Molly Solsbury and Command Sgt. Maj. Harold Sampson, the Fort Gordon based 513th Military Intelligence Brigade command team, also attended the ceremony. Their unit is the active component's theater intelligence brigade under which the 338th MI battalion is aligned. Their presence highlighted the active component / reserve component relationship.

The new commander plans to prioritize recruitment and retention of quality Soldiers. “Anyone looking for a great unit with a great mission and great people should look no further than the 338th MI Battalion,” said Benes.