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NEWS | Nov. 22, 2022

Legal Operations Detachment commanders receive training at United States Army Reserve Legal Command

By Maj. Michael Nastari U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command

The incoming commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command joined the Legal Operations Detachment commanders at the 2022 Commanders Summit on Oct 20-21.

Incoming Commander, Brig. Gen. Gerald R. Krimbill provided opening remarks.

“People are our number 1 priority. You take care of the people, and the people take care of the mission,” said Krimbill, who assumed command from Brig. Gen. William B. Dyer III.

Dyer was then promoted shortly after the Commanders Summit later that day at the Military Women’s Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, to the rank of major general.

Lt. Col. Deshun Eubanks, the summit’s officer-in-charge, saidb “One of the main focuses of this event was to provide opportunities for one-on-one dialogues with LOD Commanders and the USARLC staff,”

The event prepared Legal Operations Detachment Commanders by giving them the tools and training to succeed during their time as commanders, Eubanks said.

Along with some tools came briefings specifically tailored for LOD commanders.

Col. Julian Nierva, the chief of Reserve Component Management with the Personnel, Plans and Training Office gave commanders information about officer promotions. This briefing allowed Commanders to understand trends and pitfalls to avoid and this guidance helps Commanders advise their officers on how to navigate their careers as lawyers or judges.

The summit gave commanders the headquarters perspective for the top three areas they should focus on to be successful.

“This summit focus on areas of emphasis, said Eubanks. “Each section briefed area is emphasis, top three areas for commanders to focus on. Commanders can go to each section time to address command’s top three.”

Unlike other branches within the Army Reserve were there are platoon, company, battalion, and Brigade command positions held with ranks starting at first lieutenants, legal operations detachment commanders are colonels with at least around 20 years of experience.

LOD commands are the first opportunities for these senior judge advocate general officers to have a command.

More than 25 LOD commanders and their leadership teams attended, Eubanks said. These detachments and their subordinate teams hail from more than 41 states and territories.