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NEWS | Aug. 19, 2022

Sibling Soldiers serve side-by-side

By Spc. Kayleigh Casto 354th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Sibling Soldiers in the U.S. Army Reserve serve their first annual training together during the Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX) here Aug. 6-19.

Pvt. Devon Hamilton, a petroleum supply specialist with the 490th Quartermaster Company, and Spc. Veronica Hamilton, a public affairs mass communication specialist with the 354th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, are part of a military family legacy.

“In our family, those who have served are our uncle; he served in the Army. Our dad served in the Marines, and then currently serving in the Army are myself and my two brothers, Josh and Devon Hamilton,” said Veronica.

Although siblings serving together is not a new phenomenon in the military, both Veronica and Devon joined the Army Reserve later in life.

Veronica, 26, joined the military after establishing a career in marketing. Her skills in brand management and corporate communications were beneficial in developing her leadership as a Soldier.

“Joining the military later in life just made a lot of sense for me,” she said. “It definitely put me in more of a position as a mentor to the younger Soldiers that I went through training with. I found that super helpful to not only be guidance to them, but also work on my leadership skills.”

Devon, 29, joined shortly after seeing Veronica’s achievements in the military.

“Seeing my sister graduate through BCT gave me the motivation to try and pursue the career of being in the military,” he said.

Although Veronica currently outranks Devon, sibling support outweighs sibling rivalry between the two.

“There hasn’t really been a challenge when it comes to her outranking me,” said Devon. “We’ve always been kind of competitive in everything, so it gives me extra motivation knowing that I have to catch up to her to pass her.”

No matter the difference in rank, one goal remains the same for the siblings: leaving the Hamilton name in good standing.

“I think a goal for both my brother and I would just to be, when you think of the name Hamilton, you think of good things,” said Veronica. “Overall, I think we just want to have a good reputation when it comes to the name Hamilton.”