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NEWS | May 12, 2022

Supporting NATO in the Baltics: 510th RSG enables assurance, deterrence goals

By Patrick Loch 510th Regional Support Group

Starting in mid-April, Soldiers with the 510th Regional Support Group began mustering to provide base support operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support multinational training events as part of DEFENDER-Europe 22.

“As a base operations support – integrator, what all RSGs are meant to do, is to act as that liaison between a host nation and the exercising unit,” said Master Sgt. Dwayne Downey, 510th Regional Support Group operations NCOIC. “Any problems, or any challenges, they bring it to us.”

With thousands of service members from multiple countries – including unit equipment and pre-positioned stock moving from home station and throughout Europe to training areas – participating DEFENDER-Europe 22, the 510th RSG provides exceptional customer service to ensure commanders are able to focus on the exercise.

“We allocate showers, latrines, coordinate the offloading of vehicles, traffic patterns, the sleeping arrangements,” Downey said. “When the training unit gets on ground they don’t have to worry about offloading equipment, putting up tents, ordering showers…all they have to worry about is getting on ground and conducting their training.”

This year the brigade is primarily supporting training units near Adazi, Latvia, and Tapa, Estonia. In both locations 510th RSG teams are helping coordinate receipt of equipment and supplies for training, and liaising among partner nations, host-nation forces, U.S. personnel and contractors for everything from coordinating storage space for MREs to suitable sites for billets, showers and latrines.

Ultimately, the brigade allows training units to provide their support to DE22 and show our commitment to the defense of our allies and deter potential adversaries by showing readiness and interoperability.

“And that is their primary focus, allowing the soldiers to perform their mission that they’re being trained to do, whether it’s on deployment or it’s on an exercise,” Downey said.

DEFENDER-Europe 22 is a U.S. European Command-directed, U.S. Army Europe and Africa-led exercise focused on the strategic deployment of continental U.S.-based forces, employment of Army Prepositioned Stocks, and interoperability with allies and partners. DE22 includes more than 3,200 U.S. and 5,800 multi-national service members from 11 allied and partner nations, including Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Great Britain.