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NEWS | April 11, 2022

AR-MEDCOM Names the Best Junior Soldier and NCO at Best Warrior Competition

By Sgt. Vontrae Hampton Army Reserve Medical Command

Three Soldiers and four noncommissioned officers battled for the title “Best Warrior” Mar. 30-April 2 at Army Reserve Medical Command’s Best Warrior Competition at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.

The competitors faced off in a myriad of events and challenges that were both mentally and physically grueling. Some of their tasks included obstacle courses, an Army Combat Fitness Test, mazes, a 12-mile ruck, written exams, land navigation, an appearance before a board, and more.

Although the Soldiers were competing, the competition featured some teambuilding exercises as
well, testing the Soldiers’ ability to work as a unit.

“Everyone has been extremely encouraging and supportive,” said Spc. Michael, who was the “Best Warrior’s” only female competitor. “Everyone has been rooting for each other and helping each other push through,” she said.

When the intense competition came to a close, Staff Sgt. Spencer Vega emerged as the winner for the noncommissioned officers. Spc. Ethan Allen won for the Soldiers.

“I just kept telling everyone don’t let me catch you,” said Vega during the competition. “I guess I ended up passing them and didn’t even know it.”

Staff Sgt. Vega wasn’t afforded the ideal amount of time to train for the competition due to being in the process of a move; however, he wouldn’t let that stop him.

“I think persistence is key along with never accept defeat and never quit,” said Vega.

Spc. Allen did an extensive amount of preparation for this competition.

“I feel accomplished. I’m very proud and honored to represent the junior enlisted with Army Reserve Medical Command (AR MEDCOM) at the United States Army Reserve Center (USARC) “Best Warrior” competition,” said Spc. Ethan Allen.

“I studied, I swam, and I even tailored my workouts to help me do better on the (ACFT),” said Allen.

His hard work and determination paid off as Spc. Allen will be representing AR MEDCOM at USARC.

Maj. Gen. Woodson, Commander of AR MEDCOM came out to Fort McCoy to support his Soldiers.

“The purpose of this competition is to create a standard of excellence in everything that we do in the Army and to create confidence in their warrior tasks and drills,” said Maj. Gen. Jonathan Woodson.

“Skills displayed at this competition really set the stage for Soldiers to have a great career,” said Woodson. “This is a wonderful event, and the Soldiers performed magnificently.”

“We are looking for outstanding performance and a commitment to excellence in the Army profession,” said Command Sergeant Major Robert Boudnik, Command Sgt. Maj. of AR MEDCOM. “We are asking our Soldiers to take it to the next level.”

“AR-MEDCOM, Warrior Medics!” said Command Sergeant Major Robert Boudnik.