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NEWS | Aug. 6, 2021

Army Reserve quartermaster brigade bids farewell to commander

By Maj. Ebony Gay 94th Training Division-Force Sustainment

The 1st Brigade (Quartermaster), a down-trace unit of the 94th Training Division-Force Sustainment, gathered at the Maj. Gen. Charles C. Rogers U.S. Army Reserve Center to bid farewell to Col. John Joseph and welcomed Col. Antionette Chase as the new brigade commander on 16 May 2021, in a change of command ceremony.

For Joseph, a Troop Program Unit service member and a financial services strategy officer in his civilian occupation, his three-year brigade command tenure begun with a bit of nervousness, excitement, and humbleness.

“I entered command knowing that I had an opportunity to affect the lives of Soldiers while carrying out a mission for the Army, all the while feeling the pressure of being responsible for the actions of an organization that is dedicated to the development of Soldiers,” said Joseph.

Aside from Soldier development, another focal point of Joseph’s initial command objectives was coaching and mentoring his Soldiers while executing the mission within an environment of dignity and respect and conducting relevant real-world and mission-focused training to educate Soldiers in the Quartermaster field.

With command being a milestone of a military leader’s career, preparation for the position could play a critical factor in the success of one’s command tenure. “Previous assignments such as my time as a primary staff officer in a two-star command and battalion commander aided me with fulfilling higher levels of responsibility,” said Joseph.

“I studied the mission and characteristics of the 1st BDE (QM) to understand how I could help influence the growth and enrichment of the instructors on the podium for the organization,” said Joseph. “I’d also have to say that growing up as the child of an active duty Air Force senior NCO showed me the way for nurturing and developing Soldiers as team members to aid with a unit’s triumph as a whole.”

Joseph, a dedicated service member of 29 years, used his ability of balancing his civilian and military career to meet the needs of commanding the 1st BDE (QM), which he greatly attributed target goals achieved to his successful tenure.

Brig. Gen. Stephen Iacovelli, the 94th TD-FS commanding general, gave remarks regarding Joseph’s stellar performance and future role with the Division. “As we honor Col. Joseph on his three years serving as the 1st BDE (QM) commander, he has done a phenomenal job mentoring and building his brigade and battalion command teams. And, that is what we need at the 94th TD-FS headquarters,” said Iacovelli.

“Col. Joseph will join the 94th Division headquarters staff as the unit’s deputy commanding officer, and I am thrilled that he accepted my offer to join the Division headquarters team,” said Iacovelli. “As the Division’s incoming DCO, Col. Joseph brings with him creditability with his highly successful completion of a command, an understanding of the path forward for the 94th, and a wealth of knowledge as a seasoned logistician.”

With the conclusion of Joseph’s command, he expressed how the devotion to duty, perseverance, steadfast work ethic, and support of his team also contributed to the success of his command.

“During my command, I was thankful for the Soldiers that surrounded me, who embodied the strength to work as a cohesive unit to accomplish the mission while pushing through challenges to keep the end result in mind,” said Joseph.

“Listening to the guidance of my NCOs was crucial to understanding how the mission was being executed. That understanding helped me realize that as battle buddies, we could face and overcome any challenges that arise with emphasis on accountability, creative thinking, sound judgment, and a willingness to go all in to support the mission,” Joseph added.

Training and force sustainment of our nation’s servicemen and women is the prime focus of the 94th TD-FS mission. Joseph’s command achievements were instrumental in carrying out various elements of the 94th’s mission.

During his command, Joseph consistently exceeded U.S. Army Reserve Command standards. He met the needs of the Army Program for Individual Training by facilitating the execution of quartermaster courses. Achieved a 98 percent on the brigade’s U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command accreditation, grew qualified certified instructor strength by 25 percent, creating an enhanced focus on virtual instructor certification boards and the instructor badging program.

As Joseph passed on the 1st BDE (QM) command torch, he left behind a few words of encouragement for his successor. "Each day brings new challenges,” said Joseph. “However, with the support of your Soldiers and their drive to excel, mission success will always be attainable. People first; mission always.”