NEWS | June 26, 2021

TEC Readies for Indo-Pacific Exercises

By Sgt. Jared Bounds 412th Theater Engineer Command

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, HI - The 412th Theater Engineer Command (TEC) tested its skills in a two-week, combined, joint exercise at Schofield Barracks this month that replicated a prolonged conflict against Indo-Pacific adversaries and included multiple U.S. military components.

Maj. Robert Martin, company commander of the 412th TEC headquarters, explained how practicing to prepare troops and maneuver units in theater is vital to countering peer and near-peer adversaries.

“We’re trying to create a common picture for everyone to understand that we are coming together for something that's bigger than any one of us,” said Martin. “All of it comes together, or the mission doesn't happen.”

In addition to overall understanding, he stressed the importance of decisive actions and life support in any given military operation.

“If you don't have the key leaders ready to make the decisions, our mission fails,” said Martin. “If you don't have your enlisted Soldiers or NCOs taking care of things like generators, vehicles, food, and each other — all of the life-sustainment things — the mission fails.”

The heart of any military mission is readiness. Squad and section Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) guide each Soldier in maintaining their individual readiness, ensuring everyone works as a capable team.

“Being a section NCOIC means staying in the mindset of the warrior ethos,” said Staff Sgt. Monsieur Roberts, section NCOIC of the 412th TEC command group. “I have to be aware of my Soldiers’ mental, spiritual and physical well-being, so they are able to complete the mission.”

The exercise not only gave 412th TEC Soldiers real-world training, but provided the opportunity to strengthen partnerships with our allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Training like this teaches you how to blend multiple cultures and apply their strengths to your team,” said Roberts. “It builds a lot of trust, because when you're away from home and the Soldiers around you are all you have; you start to understand how much you actually need each other.”

This exercise was a chance for many 412th TEC Soldiers to obtain a better understanding of how they fit into a much larger operation while strengthening bonds between each other.

“I came with an open mind, tried to get a lot out of it and to learn as much as I can,” said CDT Dylan Miller, a paralegal specialist with the 412th TEC. “I've never been in a joint exercise, so dealing with different branches of the U.S. military was very interesting, and gave me a bigger picture of the military that’s ready to fight tomorrow’s battles.”

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