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NEWS | April 6, 2021

Army Reserve mobilization concept put to test

By Sgt. Salvatore Ottaviano 99th Readiness Division

The Army Reserve’s 38th Regional Support Group conducted annual training here in early March as part of MOBEX’21 to test the base’s viability as a Mobilization Force Generation Installation.

“The MFGI concept is in place to support the national defense strategy,” explained Brig. Gen. Barry Edberg, deputy commanding general of the Army Reserve’s 99th Readiness Division and MFGI officer-in-charge. “One of our key elements is to conduct force projection quickly, and we can use that power to leverage or counter moves by any potential adversary.”

The 38th RSG, along with the base’s 174th Infantry Brigade and Army Support Activity-Fort Dix, trained for a possible MFGI activation during MOBEX’21.

“As a [mobilizing] unit goes through the training process and is supported by the 38th RSG for sustainment, [mobilizing Soldiers] are being assessed for meeting requirements of validation, and once they’re validated they can be moved on to the combatant commander,” Edberg said.

As part of the MFGI concept, Army Reserve and National Guard units are task organized to establish the Mobilization Support Force in order to provide administrative and logistics support during mobilization activities required for mobilizing units.

“When we have the RSG on the ground, and they bring a number of other units with them, which is called the Mobilization Support Force,” Edberg said.

“We’ve got ordnance companies and human resource companies and finance companies, and they’re all are here to do their jobs,” said Maj. Kevin Prevost, 38th RSG S3. “They’re also here getting trained; as they help process the Soldiers who are mobilizing, they’re getting trained on their job.”

Each MSF unit plays its part in getting Soldiers ready for mobilization. Out on the ranges, Staff Sgt. Miguel Gonzalez, an infantry Soldier with the 174th Infantry Brigade, performed NCOIC duties overseeing ammunition.

“They’re coming off their civilian sector jobs as a banker, police officer, firefighter or whatever it may be, and they’re actually doing their jobs as a Soldier,” Gonzalez said. “They have to pretty much work twice as hard as active-duty Soldiers to get to where we need them to be. That way, they leave here with the best training possible and the most knowledge they could possibly get.”

The MFGI concept is another way in which the Army Reserve is remaining ready today while shaping tomorrow.

“It’s good to know that you did your part to make sure they were squared away, ready to go,” Prevost said.

“Getting the Soldiers ready for executing their missions is what it’s really all about,” Edberg said.