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NEWS | April 6, 2021

Former Commanding General is the newly appointed Army Reserve Ambassador

By Capt. Christopher Kim 311th Signal Command (Theater)

One of the greatest benefits of being a Soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve is that while having a full time career in the civilian sector, Reservists can still fulfill their duty by serving the nation. Juggling two careers can often be a daunting task but the amazing men and women in the U.S. Army Reserve are always perfecting this balance.

Mr. Alexandar Kozlov, Retired Brig. Gen. and former Commanding General of the 9th Mission Support Command, has been perfecting the art of balance by serving in the U.S. Army, both in Active Duty and in the U.S. Army Reserve, and working in the civilian sector for over 30 years. Although he retired from an illustrious career in the U.S. Army Reserve, his devotion and service to Soldiers would also follow him into his life after the military.

As the former Commanding General of the 9th MSC, Kozlov has experienced and was responsible for the tangible success under his leadership.

“It’s Soldiers, their diversity and their ownership in accomplishing the very real-world missions the 9th is assigned,” Kozlov said. “The 9th MSC is the most culturally and ethnically diverse unit in the Army. The 9th just gets it - does the work, without drama and through the years has become a mainstay of security and stability in the Pacific.”

Due to the combination of his decorated military career and his passion for helping Soldiers, Rick Blangiardi, the mayor of the city of Honolulu, handpicked him as the new Army Reserve Ambassador for the city of Honolulu.

“US Army Reserve soldiers are dedicated, patriotic and humble. The Soldiers and their families sacrifice in the service of their country while risking much.”said Kozlov.

In his new role as the Army Reserve Ambassador for the city of Honolulu, his vision is to strengthen the relationship between US Army Reserve Soldiers and the community of Honolulu.

“I want to ensure policy makers, employers and the community in Hawaii as a whole get the correct and accurate ideas about the Army Reserve, it’s Soldiers and families,” said Kozlov. “One out of every 19 people in Hawaii has a one degree of separation from an Army Reserve Soldier as a family member, Soldier or civilian that works directly for the Army Reserve. Add Army Reserve retirees and civilian employers that number approaches one in fifteen. This means Army Reserve Soldiers are not only part of the fabric of society in Hawaii, but a large understated and sometimes not well understood part.”

Brig. Gen. Timothy Connelly, the Commanding General of the 9th MSC, was also ecstatic about this amazing news.

“I’m excited to announce that Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Alex Kozlov, a long time Hawaii resident and former Commander of the 9th Mission Support Command, has been selected by the Chief of the Army Reserve, Lt. Gen. Jody Daniels, to serve as her Army Reserve Ambassador for the state of Hawaii,” said Brig. Gen. Connelly. “We are humbled and excited to have someone of Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Kozlov’s experience and connection to the community to serve as an Army Reserve Ambassador and represent the Pacific Army Reserve Ohana in support of our Soldiers everywhere.”

Although Mr. Kozlov does not have to wear his military uniform and report to base as the Commanding General anymore, the goal of serving Soldiers and the community has not wavered.

“How can I not be humbled, honored and happy to tell their story, an important story of selflessness, commitment and silent pride.” Kozlov said.