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NEWS | Dec. 6, 2020

Kevin Meisler Promoted to Brigadier General

By Capt. David Gasperson 335th Signal Command (Theater)

The Army promoted U.S. Army Reserve Col. Kevin Meisler to brigadier general during a ceremony held at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston Dec. 5, 2020.

With the promotion, Meisler will take command of the 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), which directs more than 6,500 Army Reserve Soldiers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

In April, the Army mobilized the command to provide logistics support as part of the government's response to COVID-19. Meisler will lead that enduring mission.

A New Jersey native, Meisler graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia in 1994 and commissioned through ROTC. Beginning his Army career as an Armor Platoon Leader in the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey, South Korea, Meisler joined the Army Reserve in 1999 as a logistician.

As a civilian, Meisler works as a product delivery manager for Deloitte Consulting in Florida and recently served as the chief of staff for 335th Signal Command (Theater).

Maj. Gen. Mark W. Palzer, commanding general of the 99th Readiness Division, served as the senior officer at the promotion ceremony and opened praising Meisler's career leading up to his selection for brigadier general and command of the sustainment command.

"Kevin has had two company commands, two battalion commands, a group command. He's been a deputy commander of an ESC," he said. "I mention those are the positions that have put him on the path of where he is today."

Palzer told the audience that those assignments would prepare Meisler for the challenges that lay ahead.

"I'm extremely proud of what he has done today," he said. "I'm even more proud of what he's going to do in the future because the Army gives awards for those people who've accomplished great things, but the Army gives promotions to those people that we feel can do so much more."

Palzer spoke about the new general's future and said he expects Meisler to flourish as a senior leader in and out of the military.

"You're going to continue to take the tough jobs," Palzer said. "You are going to continue to lead Soldiers. You are going to continue to be in front. You are going to be the person that people are going to turn to, to make the right choices. Not just in the military job, but in the civilian sector."

After the introductory remarks, 4th ESC Staff General Secretary Capt. Silvia Orozco called the room to attention and read the promotion orders.
Meisler's wife, Philomena, joined him on stage and, along with Palzer, placed the single star epaulets on the shoulders of his Army Service Uniform.

Meisler's children Sean, Abby, Mackenzie, and Ryan presented him with his general officer's accouterments. Sean gave the ceremonial general officer's belt, and Abby placed his general officer's service cap on her father's head. Ryan presented his father with his M18 General Officer's pistol.

After receiving his pistol, Meisler's parents pinned his beret and patrol gap with the single star insignia.

Following the oath of office confirming his new rank, the new general's daughter, Mackenzie, joined him to uncase and unfurl his crimson one-star flag.

Brig. Gen. Kevin Meisler stepped to the podium and spoke to a socially-distanced crowd of friends, family, and service members.

"I wish I could begin to describe the incredible feelings of gratitude and humility that are absolutely consuming me at this very moment, but it's impossible," Meisler said.

Recalling his upbringing, Meisler spoke to his mom, dad, and brother sitting in the audience.

"This family set a baseline for a kid from Jersey and taught me the values that I have treasured for a lifetime," he said. "Dad, you never let me quit at anything. Mom, your love and understanding helped me navigate 12 years of Catholic school, survive young arrogance, and grow up to be the man that I am today."

After thanking his parents, Meisler thanked his wife, Philomena, for her support over his two-decade career and four children for their patience during his military service, complete with deployments and mobilizations and missed holidays and special occasions.

Meisler closed by thanking his civilian employer Deloitte Consulting, his neighbors, and finally, the men and women of America's Army Reserve.

"My final thank you is to our valiant men and women in the Army Reserve, that our nation turns to, time and time again, and to their heroic families who continue to sacrifice for all. Without their continued dedication, we would not be able to protect this great nation."