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NEWS | Feb. 16, 2019

Army Reserve Precision Pistol Training at Fort Benning

By SFC John M. Buol Jr. Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit

The U.S. Army Reserve Service Pistol Team conducted new shooter training at the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Phillips Range 4-7 February at Fort Benning. In addition to the current roster of team shooters, Reservists new to the program had been invited to train with the Team, learn more about Precision Pistol, test new equipment, and vie for a slot.

The Team also tested Army issue XM1152 ammunition to evaluate it for Precision Pistol use, finding it is accurate enough for use at 50 yards on challenging competition targets. Along with hardware testing, the primary task was creating better "software" for the shooting team. "Over the course of a week we conducted training and evaluation for new additions to the USAR Service Pistol Team roster," said Lt. Col. Patrick Sleem, Team Officer In Charge. "We had new recruits from Reserve units across the country converge on Phillips Range to train with us." 

Training began with an overview of Precision Pistol competitive events and how to win. All invited shooters had previous marksmanship experience and brought personally-owned equipment. "Most team shooters purchase their own competition guns and have to conduct required on-going training on their own," LTC Sleem said. "Slots are not easy to earn. Shooters who post marginal scores previously and fail to show acceptable improvement are not invited back."

"The Army Marksmanship unit was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire event.  They left the range completely under our control," said Sgt. Maj. George Greene, Team Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge. "The AMU’s support for this event was invaluable, we would not have been successful without their help."

Thanks for Sgt. Robert Farrell for the included photographs.