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NEWS | April 4, 2018

Desert Medics in Qatar Transfer Responsibility

By Maj. Simon Flake 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support)

The Desert Medics of 3rd Medical Command Operational Command Post Forward, Detachment 20 transferred authority of medical operations in the United States Army Central area of responsibility to the 1st Medical Brigade in a ceremony Saturday.

Maj. Gen. Flem B. "Donnie" Walker Jr. the Commanding General, 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) and the Deputy Commanding General- Sustainment for US ARCENT presided over the ceremony, which saw Col. Linda Kramer, the outgoing commander pass the medical mission to Col. Tony Nesbitt the commander of the 1st Medical Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas.

“Providing medical support on this scope and magnitude is no walk in the park, it takes countless hours, focus and painstaking effort to deliver this life saving capability to our greatest asset, our people.” said Walker, “Soldiers’ ability to engage ruthless enemies knowing we will do everything we can to get them home safely counts and it counts a lot.”
Throughout the last several months Detachment 20 performed at a high level as it oversaw hundreds of Soldiers throughout 10 countries across the Central Command area of responsibility. A subordinate unit, Task Force Medical in Afghanistan, achieved a 99% survival rate in joint theater medical operations.

In addition to medical operations, Detachment 20 led US ARCENT medical partnering with the Qatari Armed Forces by hosting multiple engagements and subject matter exchanges. They expanded capabilities for US and Qatari forces while strengthening relationships with the host country.

In her speech Col. Kramer reflected upon the lesson she gleaned from her father, a former Naval officer, “You have to show up, stick it out, never sit on the bench, and when you play knock it out of the park, my team knocked it out of the park. It took each and every one of us to make that happen.” said Kramer.

3rd Medical Command Deployment Support is a senior deployable medical command and control headquarters, providing support to U.S. Army Africa and U.S. Army Central areas of operation. The division provides support and technical supervision for more than 7,500 soldiers and civilians located in 21 states to prepare and provide trained soldiers and units to conduct missions in the most capable, combat ready and lethal U.S. Army Reserve force in American history. Capabilities include health care specialists, X-ray technicians, ophthalmology, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, dentists, surgeons, and veterinarians.