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NEWS | Jan. 29, 2018

Fort Family: Providing aid in times of crisis

By Alexandria Brimage-Gray U.S. Army Reserve Command

Located within the Headquarters, United States Army Reserve Command (USARC), Fort Family is staffed with outreach and support specialist who are credentialed as National Victim Advocates and trained to respond to Suicide Prevention and Sexual Response Prevention (SHARP) situations.

“The readiness of our Soldiers and their family members is critical to the success of the Army Reserve mission," said Pharisse Berry, director, United States Army Reserve Command, Family Programs. “In their time of need, we want to ensure that access is available to quality programs and services as they anticipate their next tour of duty.”

‘We’re Here For You’

As an Army Reserve Soldier you’ve committed to serve your country, as a part of that commitment, whether at home or deployed, the Fort Family team is committed to connecting you and your family members to the information you need and relevant points of contact in the areas of:
• Temporary housing
• Emergency funds
• Disaster relief
• Debt management
• Emergency home repair
• Assistance with locating nearest installation
• Separation or coping issues
• Information on how to find a CAC office

April Wilson, outreach and support specialist, said most of the calls that we see receive are for financial or counseling services. “We are able to refer individuals to national and statewide resources to facilitate other needs as well, she said.”

Once the Fort Family team provides assistance or a referral, the individual can expect ongoing follow-up to ensure that you received a quality response to your problem or situation.

“Follow-ups are typically conducted within 3-5 days for financial situations and those individuals requesting counseling, will receive a follow-up within two weeks after a session with their counselor,” said Wilson.

Available Support 24/7

Support is available to Army Reserve Soldiers and their family members regardless of their location.

“We are thrilled to provide this service to our Soldiers and their family members,” said Barry. “The demand for this service is great and we are thankful to our partners who enable us to support our service members and their families with the various challenges that arise in their lives.
For more information about Army Reserve Family Programs, visit our website at, or contact Fort Family at 1-844-ONE-FAMILY or your command’s Family Programs Director or Coordinator. We Inspire and Empower. Anytime. Anywhere. 24x7x365.

About Us
The Army Reserve Family Programs mission/intent is to increase awareness of services provided to Army Reserve Soldiers and their families, Command teams and civilians throughout the geographically dispersed Army Reserve community. We also seek to enhance support of Army Reserve missions, Soldiers and families.