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NEWS | Sept. 10, 2017

Forward surgical team conducts deployment readiness exercise

By Maj. Simon Flake 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support

America's Army Reserve generates combat ready units and soldiers for the Army and Joint Warfighter that are trained and equipped to win our Nation's wars. The 874th Forward Surgical Team, of the 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support, is a rapidly-deployable, life-sustaining unit ready to provide immediate surgical capability to forward-deployed Warfighters.

The 874th Forward Surgical Team (FST) is constantly seeking realistic training opportunities, like Friday's United States Army Reserve Command Deployment Readiness Exercise in Fort Jackson, S.C.

“Army Reserve Soldiers and units must be ready to conduct their mission at any time or place and adjust to whatever conditions or changes they face”, said LTG Charles Luckey, the commanding general of U.S. Army Reserve Command.

A Deployment Readiness Exercise (DRE) prepares units to deploy from home station to anywhere in the world without advanced notice. This DRE provided a real-world training opportunity for the 874th FST to alert and process soldiers, load equipment, and establish a surgical facility within 90 minutes of arrival at the designated surgical site.

“The core of what we are and the reason we exist is so we can rapidly deploy and provide surgical support as quickly as possible to serve our soldiers out on the battlefield. We’re there to help our soldiers and keep them in the fight.” said First Lt. Jessica Brownlow, the 874th FST Executive Officer.

The 874th FST consists of general and orthopedic surgeons, clinical, critical care, emergency, operating room and practical nurses, in addition to other highly skilled and experienced medical specialists. Their proximity to the front lines of the battlefield enables a wounded soldier to receive medical care within the "Golden Hour", the first 60 minutes after the occurrence of a traumatic injury. This capability is critical to successful emergency treatment and survivability.

The Army Reserve supports the most decisive and lethal land force in the world, and the medical professionals of the 874th FST provide critical life-saving capabilities to keep soldiers in the fight.

Globally positioned and engaged, the 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support provides quality healthcare to service members all over the world. 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support is a senior deployable medical command and control headquarters, providing support to U.S. Army Africa and U.S. Army Central areas of operation. The division provides support and technical supervision for more than 7,500 soldiers and civilians located in 21 states and Puerto Rico. 3rd Medical Command Deployment Support capabilities include health care specialists, X-ray technicians, ophthalmology, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, dentists, surgeons, and veterinarians.