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NEWS | Nov. 8, 2016

412th Civil Affairs Battalion (A) Help Local Village during NTC Rotation

By Master Sgt. David Johnson 412th Civil Affairs Battalion (AIRBORNE)

Soldiers from Delta Company, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) completed a 29-day exercise at National Training Center (NTC).  The 412th is based in Columbus, Ohio.

The benefits of attending a major training exercise are enormous.  

Soldiers get to train on and perfect their individual skills, and work as a team to improve collective civil affairs tasks.

“Our Soldiers knew their limitations,” said Maj. Sterling Morris, commander of Delta Company. “So they focused on improvement.  They overcame their limitations.  Now they are proficient.”

The Delta Company first sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class Vincent Johnson, Jr., said, “We’ve made major headway out here in collective and team training.”

Delta Company is the trained, ready company for the 412th now.  

“The experience we bring is on proficiency on individual and collective civil affairs tasks,” said Johnson.

The best civil affairs training the company received is at the end of the rotation.   The Situational Training Exercise (STX) lanes was civil-affairs based.

The Soldiers practiced their skills on key leader engagements in a mock village with expert role-players.  

The drawback on performing the STX lanes late in the rotation is that, the Soldiers have focused on supporting a maneuver battalion in the exercise that focuses on its specific mission.  The civil affairs training that the 412th Soldiers needed came at the end.

The STX lanes focus on civil affairs.

“We need the STX lanes at the beginning of the NTC rotation,” said Morris.  “It would benefit the Soldiers to do STX as soon as we arrive at NTC.”

“We need our KLE skills perfected on the front end of the NTC rotation,” said Morris.

“That would enable us to work better with our maneuver battalion comrades,” said Johnson.

As Delta Company prepares to complete its NTC rotation, Morris reflected on what type of training opportunities he would like to see back home in Ohio.

“I’d like to see if we could get one or two Soldiers a week of training with a border patrol,” said Morris.  “Border patrol personnel work with internal displaced persons (IDP).  One of our biggest collective tasks for our Civil Affairs Teams (CAT) is working with IDP.”