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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 28, 2015 Army Reserve Soldier hero saves lives of two women stabbed in Louisville


Release 1509-016

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – Staff Sgt. Katie Govoni, an Army Reserve combat medic from Boston, became a lifesaver to two women in Louisville, Kentucky, Aug. 23. Sherrie and Melissa Snader were celebrating Sherri’s bachelorette party at a popular Louisville nightspot, Fourth Street Live. After leaving the party, a stranger attempted to rob the two women. The sisters fought back and he stabbed both of them with a knife during the attack.

Govoni, with two other Soldiers from Fort Knox, heard a scream and saw the sisters bleeding from the chest. Govoni assessed both injuries, provided immediate aid, and coordinated efforts by police and EMT services. Doctors at the hospital told the Soldiers if it were not for their actions, the bride-to-be and her sister could have died. Although Melissa was discharged, Sherrie is still in the hospital recovering from a puncture wound in her lung.

"We literally had to do CPR on the scene to get pulses back,” Govoni said. “We got her [Sherrie] fully back, all signs of life. I work emergency medical services up in Boston, and that’s completely rare and unheard of."

“Melissa was in extreme panic and stated that she had run across the street because the man who had 'hurt her' was following them,” Govoni said. “I asked her if she believed in miracles, and she nodded. So, I asked her to pray, because she had found her way right to a group of Soldiers and one was a medic. She finally began to relax, and then allowed me to pull her hand back far enough to see a 3/4-inch puncture wound on the upper portion of the chest. I grabbed a Ziploc bag from the food truck and yelled to see how the other two were doing.”

Govoni illustrates the strength of being a U.S. Army Reserve citizen-Soldier in both her military and civilian careers. She is an instructor with the U.S. Army Reserve 100th Training Division, 80th Training Command teaching new combat medics at Fort Knox, Kentucky. In her civilian life, Govoni is also an EMT with the Cataldo Ambulance Service in Boston.

Govoni is available for interviews. Please contact Lt. Col. Tad Fichtel, chief of Army Reserve Media Relations, at 910-570-8337 or