The Army Reserve is partnering with six top-tier universities and employers in a first-of-its-kind effort to create a pathway for future Cyber Warriors. On 10 February, the Army Reserve Cyber Private Public Partnership Program brought together leaders of industry and academia with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to address a critical need for expertise in the cyber domain.

"The demand for these cyber security professionals and cyber experienced Soldiers far outpaces the current inventory," said Lt. Gen. Jeffery Talley, Chief of United States Army Reserve. "The GAO (Government Accountability Office) estimates that there is currently a need for 40,000 cyber security professionals just to satisfy the government's demand.  Our belief is the Cyber P3 effort will serve as a seed to enhance these critical efforts and lessen the skilled Soldiers shortage gap."

A GAO study, published on Jan 30th, identifies cybersecurity as one of six federal workforce occupations facing mission-critical skills gaps, business and industry face similar shortages.

For the press release regarding the Cyber P3 signing ceremony, click here.  

Lt G Talley 
LTG Jeffrey W. Talley, Chief of the Army Reserve and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, signed a Cyber P3 partnership with six universities and nearly a dozen employers on 10 Feb 15. 

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