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MREP is a coordinated international exchange program with NATO militaries to help develop cultural understanding, regional expertise and language proficiency and interoperability.

MREP supports the vision of the Chief of the Army Reserve (CAR) for a globally responsive, regionally engaged Army Reserve possessing an expeditionary mindset that provides ready forces in support of Combatant Command requirements. 

Army Reserve Soldiers will use this leader development program to expand training opportunities, enhance understanding of partners, share and leverage best practices that influence bi- and multi-lateral interoperability while enhancing their ability to work and communicate with the military individuals of the host nation.

Soldiers forge meaningful professional relationships with international partners that they use to develop their own skills and enhance their units.

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 What are the requirements to participate in the exchange program?
For individual Soldiers, below are some basic requirements.
  • Applicants must be an active drilling member of the U.S. Army Reserve and in a USAR Troop Program Unit or qualified AGR.  TPU Soldiers cannot be mobilized.  
  • No restriction on rank; however, exchanges are based on selecting Soldiers who achieve MREP objectives of USAR International Programs Office and Partnered Nation.
  • Must be qualified in the designated area of concentration (AOC) or military occupation Specialty (MOS).
  • Must pass the APFT and meet the height and weight requirements within twelve months prior to application suspense date.
  • Soldiers who exceed the screening table weight, yet meet the body fat standards, a certified true copy of DA Form 5500-R / DA Form 5501-R is also required.
  • MEDPROS must be current and up to date.
  • Have a valid passport, either civilian or military.
  • The Commander approves his/her Soldier to serve as a participant in the USAR International Programs as the unit will be responsible for furnishing the Soldier with Annual Training (AT) orders. 

 Is there an application to fill out?

Yes, an application packet should contain the items shown below, refer to the Letter of Instruction located on our milSuite page for complete instructions and sample documents.  
a. Official Photo (ASU or OCP).
b. Candidate's Automated Record Brief (ARB).
c. Military Biography or Resume of Service.
d. DA Form 705 (APFT scorecard) and DA 5500/5501 (if applicable) within 12 months.
e. International Programs application form (DA Form 4187).


 Is there a deadline?

The deadlines are based on the specific program of interest to the Soldier.  Soldiers should consult the International Programs Managers to ensure timely notifications and due outs are met.


 Are there any requirements for going out of the country?

Yes - Soldiers must complete EUCOM theater requirements for Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) entry, refer to the Letter of Instruction located on our milSuite page.

 How long is the exchange?

The exchange duration will vary. Soldiers should expect to participate in an exchange up to 15 days, including travel.

 Where can I find exchange opportunities?
The Army Reserve International Programs milSuite page.