Request For Legal Assistance

Who can I see to get Legal Assistance?
Pursuant to Army Regulation 27-3, The Army Legal Assistance Program, US Army Reserve Soldiers are authorized to receive free confidential legal services.

I am a 
U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers on Active duty for 30 days or more:
- You must see an Active Component legal assistance provider

I am a U.S Army Reserve Soldiers on Active duty for 29 days or less:
- You can see an Active Component legal assistance provider (on space available basis only)
- You can see a Reserve Component legal assistance provider

I am a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier but NOT on Active Duty:
- You must see a Reserve Component legal assistance provider ONLY
Obtaining Legal Assistance Services
 Army Reserve Component Legal Assistance Service Requestor 

I am a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier and I am not on active duty OR I have been on active duty less then 29 days.

I MUST request legal assistance from the US Army Legal Command (USARLC), Legal Operations Detachment closest to me. All Legal Operations Detachment locations will begin with the location designation of: (USAR). These are the only offices that will assist USAR Soldiers. (*See Example below)

I am a U.S. Army Reserve Wounded Warriors (ARWWs) on Active duty: 
You have an option to ask the Army Reserve Component Wounded Warrior Liaison Officer (WWLNO) or Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Cadre for assistance with setting up a legal assistance appointment. 

**ARWWs should know that communications with legal assistance service providers are completely confidential while communications with WWLNOs or WTU Cadre are not.

Follow the steps:
1. Fill out a Legal Assistance Request Form (You will need to save this .pdf form to your device)
2. Find your nearest Legal Operations Detachment (LOD) listed by location. Visit the Legal Services Locator website »
- Select “Army” as the branch of service
- Insert the 5 digit zip code where you currently live 
- Click the Search button

3. Submit a completed Legal Assistance Request Form to the closest LOD provided.
Please note: You MUST copy and paste the email address or contact that office directly by the phone number provided.

4. Check your email for confirmation that your request was received.

Did not get a confirmation email?
Wait for 48 hours and submit again.

Still no response...
Submit your Legal Assistance Request Form to the USARLC legal team via EMAIL ONLY
Include information on your attempts to contact a specific LOD

*Example on how find your closest LOD:

 A USAR Soldier who lives in the zip code area of 20877 will:  
•  Visit the Legal Services Locator website »
•  Select “Army” and enter the zip code 20877 
•  When presented with the search results, the Soldier will select the 10th LOD in Gaithersburg, Maryland because that is the nearest of the US Army Legal Command’s 23 separate LODs who provide USAR Soldiers legal assistance to that zip code area. The LOD location will appear as indicated (USAR) Gaithersburg, Maryland
•  Upload your request form and submit.