About Us "Strike Deep"

We are responsible for peacetime management of more than 4,200 Soldiers, 700 Civilians and 190 Aircraft in 13 States. We are the ONLY Aviation Command in the U.S. Army Reserve. We provide air assault, air movement, aero-medical evacuation, and inter-intra theater transportation. We also support all FEMA Regions in order to help save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain public confidence.

The command manages the training and employment of:

• AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopters 
• UH-60 Blackhawk Assault Helicopters 
• CH-47 Chinook Medium Lift Helicopters 
• C-12 and a UC-35 fixed wing aircraft 


UH-60 Blackhawk Assault Helicopters

The 11th Theater Aviation Command (TAC) has 2 missions, functioning as both a war fighting headquarters and as a function command.

  • War fighting Command - We provide command & control, staff planning, and supervision for 2 Aviation Brigades and one Air Traffic Service Battalion.   
  • Functional Command - We provide command and control for all U.S. Army Reserve Aviation.

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