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To the Soldiers of the 108th Training Command (IET):


With the HQ Department of the Army (HQDA) Best Squad Competition (BSC) going on this month, it will bring a close to competitive programs for FY 23. This year alone, your divisions sent about 50 Soldiers to compete at multiple competitive programs at the 108th Training Command-level or higher. The opportunities for you to get after it this FY are there, and I encourage you to participate whether you are competing as an individual, a team, or support staff at your brigades and divisions. Some of our competitive programs are the Combined BSC, Drill Sergeant of the Year Competition, Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), and Expert Soldier Badge/ Expert Field Medical Badge.

The 108th TC held its BSC in conjunction with the 84th Training Command, US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (A) (USACAPOC), and the Army Reserve Aviation Command (ARAC) at Ft. Knox, KY in early April. Soldiers were participated in many events throughout the week, including the ACFT, Virtual Battlespace Simulation (VBS3), Zussman Assault Course, and the Riverine Assault Course. The winners from the FY23 108th TC and represented our command at the USARC Competition are: FY 23 NCO of the Year, SSG Eben Sanchez, FY 23 Soldier of the Year SPC Nathan Wells, the remaining squad members SGT Maynard Delphin, CPL Juliana Lopez, and SPC Carlin Houston. If you want some insight into what the competitors were up to, watch this video! https://fb.watch/nuqGIRDX9l/

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Soldiers at the live-fire Riverine Assault Course getting it done!

The USARC Best Squad Competition was held 01-09 September at Ft. McCoy, Wi. Fourteen teams from the Army Reserve competed for the honors of “Best Squad”, “Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year” (NCOY), and “Soldier of the Year” (SOY). The Soldiers competed in a grueling 10-day exercise which included the Expert Physical Fitness Assessment, M4/M17 Qualification, Grenade Assault Course (to include live grenades), Tunnels/ MOUT, land nav, and a HELOCAST. The winners of the USARC’s Best Squad competition were from the 416th Theater Engineer Command (TEC).

The Center for Initial Military Training (CIMT) Drill Sergeant of the Year Competition (DSOY) was held 11-15 September at Fort Jackson, SC. The competition included all events covered in the BCT POI to include (but not limited to): CSM Boards, weapon qualification (BUIS/CCO), land navigation, confidence/obstacle course, fit to win, and exams. Yes, exams which covered the following topics: TR 350-6, TR 350-16, Rifle Marksmanship, Land Navigation, Anvil Phase, and Patrolling. If that wasn’t enough, the competitors were tested on all modules. SSG Cody Ramburger from the 104th Training Division was named the USAR Drill Sergeant of the Year. During the next year, SSG Ramburger will serve as an advisor to the Commanding General of CIMT at Ft Eustis, VA.

SSG Cody Ramburger, your 2023 DSOY!

The Confederation of Interallied Reserve Officers (CIOR) is an organization primarily made of  NATO countries that supports training of reserve leaders. Every summer, the CIOR has several events that allow Reserve Soldiers to participate and compete. Each year a different nation hosts the events. The events include Military Competition (MILCOMP), CIOR Language Academy, CIOR Symposium, International Cyber Event, and a Civil-Military Cooperation Exercise. This year, the competition was held in Helsinki, Finland. The MILCOMP is a competition consisting of rifle, pistol, obstacle course, swimming, and orienteering. This year, fourteen Army Reserve Soldiers competed in the MILCOMP; two of those Soldiers were from the 95th Training Division (IET). They were SSGs Devin Crawford and James Lavoie (Lavoie also competed in this year’s DSOY).  SSG Crawford’s team finished second place in the Experienced Category. Next year the competition will be held in Estonia. The Army Reserve and reserve forces from other branches will have tryouts soon to build the teams to represent the US. If you are interested, please contact the Competitive Soldier Programs POC MSG Brett Marr at usarmy.usarc.108-tng-cmd.mbx.csp1@army.mil.

Staff Sgt. Lavoie's team takes on the CIOR

The Army has established badges to recognize expert proficiency in Soldier tasks. The three badges Expert Infantry Badge (EIB), Expert Soldier Badge (ESB), and Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) offer Soldiers from all Career Management Fields to train and become masters in basic Soldier tasks. This year the Army Reserve hosted an Expert Soldier Badge event at Fort McCoy. Eight Soldiers from the 108th TC tried out for the badge. In the end, SSGs Lavoie and Parada (95th TD) and Pope (98th) succeeded and earned the Expert Soldier Badge. Next May, the Army Reserve will host an E3B, all three badge programs will be conducted at the same time. If you are interested, the first requirement is to score expert during your weapons qualification. Next, contact your unit leadership and the 108th Competitive Soldier Programs POC MSG Brett Marr at usarmy.usarc.108-tng-cmd.mbx.csp1@army.mil.


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Competitors and staff from multiple divisions at the FY23 ESB event at Ft. McCoy



The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers is an organization of reserve officers' associations in NATO and beyond who is sanctioned and formally recognized by NATO through the document MC 0248/2 to assist and advise on Reserve affairs; however, it is politically independent. The confederation promotes and organizes advanced training measures, international seminars, and working meetings for reserve officers. Founded in 1948, CIOR now has 34 participating countries and thus represents 1.3 million reservists. It is the world’s largest military reserve officer organization. The Military Competition (MILCOMP) is an integral part of the yearly Summer Congress designed to test the military skills of Reserve Soldiers in marksmanship, military navigation, land and water obstacle courses, hand grenade throwing, as well as testing map reading skills, first aid knowledge, and application of the Law of Armed Conflict. For 2024, the competition will be held in Tallinn, Estonia. Non-commissioned officers (CPL-SFC), Warrant Officers (WO1-CW3), and commissioned officers (Cadet – MAJ) are all eligible to compete. The important dates for the CIOR selection and train up are as follows:

Event  Location Date
USAR Selection Camp JBMDL, NJ 20-27 April 2024
Team USA Training & Selection JBMDL, NJ 29 June - 27 July 2024
OCONUS Training Amsterdam 21-27 July 2024
MILCOMP Tallinn, Estonia 27July - 04 August 2024


During the USAR Selection Camp, Army Reserve Soldiers will compete in order to be selected to represent the Army Reserve during the Team USA Training and Selection. At this event, Reserve Soldiers from all branches will try out to be selected as one of the twenty-eight (28) members of Team U.S.A. to compete in the MILCOMP after a train-up in Amsterdam. The 108th Training Command (IET) Competitive Soldier Programs will provide the funding for Soldiers to attend the USAR Selection Camp. The Soldiers selected to attend Team USA Selection and beyond will be placed on orders from 29 June until mission completion. If you, or if you have a Soldier that is interested, in representing the U.S.A. at this competition, please complete the packet attached below and forward it through the chain of command (CC the email below for tracking purposes). The packet must be submitted to the 108th Competitive Soldier Programs no later than 23 February 2024. The CIOR permanent regulations and packet list are also included. If you have questions, please call the Competitive Soldier Programs NCOIC at 910.656.5562 or email usarc.108-tng-cmd.mbx.csp1@army.mil.


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