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The Army Reserve Ambassador (ARA) Program is one of the Army Reserve's key outreach and engagement programs. ARA’s are appointed by the Chief of Army Reserve (CAR) to a 3-year term to serve as special government employees who voluntarily represent the CAR without salary, wage, or benefits. All ARA's hold a Department of Army Protocol Precedence List (VIP Code 5) a major general (two star) equivalent. The primary role of an Ambassador is to develop awareness and advocacy for the Army Reserve by building bridges of communication to communities across the Nation. 

Illinois Army Reserve Ambassador Julie Johnson shares her story about how you can still serve your country as an Ambassador, even without prior military service history. Her grandfather was a great motivator for her, and she talks about how being an ARA is her way of honoring him since his passing. As a chiropractor, she shares how her passion for helping others goes hand in hand with her role as an ambassador, and encourages other like-minded individuals to consider this path. Directed By: Tim Yao Camera: Colton Huston
Army Reserve Ambassador Johnnie Ross talks about why he chose to become an Army Reserve Ambassador, and how that allows him to help the Reserve Soldiers of today. Army Reserve Ambassadors like Johnnie Ross can speak to employers which allows them to understand from a new point of view what their Reserve Soldiers do while away for training. For more information, visit:
Army Reserve Ambassador Jim Bernet talks about the Minuteman Scholarship, and how he takes great joy in helping young adults pave the way for their future. The Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship pays for your college education, while simultaneously trains you to be a future leader in the U.S. Army Reserve. For more information, visit: Video By Colton Huston
Army Reserve Ambassador Jim Bernet tells us what being an Army Reserve Ambassador entails.
Army Reserve Ambassador Bob Pleczkowski tells us how he got involved with the ARA Program.
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Ambassadors have the advantage of strategic timing, long-term relationships, and continued dialogue with key community stakeholders and centers of influence within their respective area of operations.  ARAs proactively support the Army Reserve initiatives and actively pursue opportunities within our communities to build relationships with those key audiences. 


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Ambassadors serve as the initial approval authority for Minuteman Scholarships. ARA’s often partner with local universities, high schools and ROTC programs to inform and educate potential recruits on the benefits of joining the Army Reserve.




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Ambassadors are a powerful means of message delivery to the American people, attending events and public speaking engagements building bridges and forging enduring relationships between Reserve units and local communities.




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Ambassadors builds links between local commanders, Soldiers, Veteran Service Organizations and their families during deployments and rotation and ensure the voice of the military family and servicemember is heard.




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ARAs are relied upon to seek support from elected officials and engage related to military programs and initiatives; engaging stakeholders at the local and state levels to support policies and actions that affect Soldiers and their families.




Featured News
Army Reserve bids farewell to New York Ambassador
By Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris | Dec. 19, 2023
The U.S. Army Reserve lost one of its key proponents Nov. 13 with the passing of retired major general and U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador Emeritus Robert J. Kasulke...

Tri-Cities man confirmed as new Washington Army Reserve Ambassador
By Christopher Hanson | Dec. 5, 2023
Mr. Beau J. Ruff was recently appointed as U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador for the state of Washington by Chief of Army Reserve Lt. Gen. Jody J. Daniels. As an Army Reserve Ambassador, Ruff will work to bring awareness of the...

Army Reserve Ambassador helps celebrate 122nd birthday of U.S. Army War College
By Sgt. 1st Class Deziree Lau | Nov. 16, 2023
“I’m here today by the grace of God and the love of family and friends,” said retired Army Col. Edna W. Cummings during the 122nd birthday celebration of the U.S. Army War College here. Cummings graduated from the Army War...

88th Readiness Division hosts Army Reserve Ambassador workshop
By Christopher Hanson | July 21, 2023
88th Readiness Division Army Reserve Ambassadors attended the annual Army Reserve Ambassador Workshop on July 15, 2023 at Fort Snelling, Minn. The ambassadors were briefed by 88th Readiness Division commanding general Maj...