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Battalion Headquarters' Contact Provides information for each Battalion Headquarters.

Locate a Career Counselor
   - Do you you have questions concerning bonuses and incentives or furthering your career then contact your local Army Reserve Career Counselor.

Officer Accession's Battalion Point of Contacts For questions or assistance in becoming an a Warrant Officer or an Officer through the Officer Direct Commission or Officer Reappointment Program, then contact your Officer Accession's Point of Contact.

Army Reserve In Europe 
Contact an Army Reserve Career Counselor in Europe if you are prior service and interested in continuing your career in the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) in Europe or are currently a Warrior Citizen (Selected Reserve) or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and want to  consider options available to continue your career.

Army Reserve in the Pacific Rim - 
Contact 7th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division, whosupports the 88th Regional Readiness Sustainment Command (RRSC) units and  units in Hawaii, Alaska, American Samoa, Korea, Japan, Guam and Saipan.

Deployed Reserve Soldiers Assistance - 
Contact an Army Reserve Career Counselor in Theater to assist with reenlistment and accession programs to further your career.

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