Pursuant to Army Regulation 27-3, The Army Legal Assistance Program, US Army Reserve Soldiers are authorized to receive free confidential legal services from the following sources:
 US Army Reserve Soldiers on Active duty for 30 days or more…
Soldiers on Active duty for 30 days or more days may obtain free, confidential legal services from either (1) Active Component legal assistance providers or (2) Reserve Component legal assistance providers. 
 US Army Reserve Soldiers on Active duty for 29 days or less…
Soldiers on Active duty for 29 days or less days may obtain free, confidential legal services from either (1) Active Component legal assistance providers (on a space available basis only) or (2) Reserve Component legal assistance providers.
 US Army Reserve Soldiers not on Active duty...
US Army Soldiers who are not on Active duty are eligible for free legal services from Reserve Component legal assistance providers.
Obtaining Legal Assistance Services
 Active Component legal service provider:
I.  US Army Reserve Soldiers on Active duty can request legal assistance from the nearest Active Component legal service provider.  To access these services, simply contact the nearest Active Component Legal Assistance Office directly.  Contact information for all Active Component legal assistance providers can be found at the Legal Services Locator website located at link (2) below under "Legal Assistance Resources".  After completing the form located on the website the requestor will provide a list of the closest legal assistance providers along with appropriate contact information.
II.  US Army Reserve Wounded Warriors (ARWWs) on Active duty can also ask the Army Reserve Component Wounded Warrior Liaison Officer (WWLNO) or Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Cadre for assistance with setting up a legal assistance appointment.  ARWWs should know that communications with legal assistance service providers are completely confidential while communications with WWLNOs or WTU Cadre are not.
 Army Reserve Component legal assistance service provider:
US Army Reserve Soldiers can also choose to receive legal assistance from Reserve Component legal assistance providers.  To request legal assistance, US Army Reserve Soldiers will complete the RC Legal Assistance Services Request Form located at link (1) below under “Legal Assistance Resources”.  Once completed, the form can be sent by email the Legal Command Legal Assistance Liaison:  A confirmation email will be sent when the request is received.  US Army Reserve Soldiers without access to email may place a request for legal assistance services by calling (301) 944-3727.

Nature of Legal Assistance Services Provided
 The service provided may include: (1) witnessing signatures to documents or providing notary services, (2) providing legal advice to Soldiers during a client interview or in a telephone conversation, (3) a letter written on behalf of a Soldier and signed by an attorney or writing a letter for the Soldier’s signature, (4) legal negotiation with parties whose interests are adverse to that of the Soldier, (5) legal document preparation which includes drafting, completing, and execution of documents (for example, wills, powers of attorney, leases, and lease clauses), (5) preparation and filing of federal and state income tax returns and other legal papers, (6) assistance to Soldiers (pro se assistance) which enables the Soldier to file legal documents, papers, or pleadings in civil proceedings without the attorney, (7) client referral to another attorney in another military legal office or to a civilian lawyer, (8) and, in limited circumstances, in-court representation.

Nature of Legal Assistance Cases
A non-exhaustive list of cases that legal assistance providers are available to assist Soldiers with include:  Family law: marriage, annulment, legal separation, divorce, financial nonsupport child custody and visitation, and paternity cases. Estate planning: wills, testamentary trusts for the benefit of minors, guardianships, and the designation of beneficiaries under life insurance policies (including SGLI).  Property: purchasing personal and real property to include contracts, mortgages, security agreements, warranties, cancellations, and other consumer affairs matters.  Debts: disputes over lending agreements, bankruptcy, garnishment orders, involuntary allotment, applications for judgment, debt, banking, credit card, and property insurance problems.  Non-government claims (including Article 139 claims).  Administrative: matters within the jurisdiction of a municipal, state, and federal agencies (for example, state license driving privileges).  Ministerial: notarizations. Civil: personal name change, immigration, naturalization, welfare assistance.  Military Administrative: line of duty investigations, relief for cause, financial liability investigations, general officer letter of reprimands, and evaluation reports.  Taxes.  Civilian criminal matters.  And many other cases based on the availability of expertise and resources.

Annual Legal Checkup
Soldiers who do not have immediate legal assistance needs are invited to annually complete a questionnaire designed to walk the Soldier through the most common situations that may require the aid of a legal assistance provider. The questionnaire is completely confidential.  After the questionnaire is completed, the Soldier can print the results and use them as a basis for consulting a legal assistance provider.  The Reserve Soldier Legal Readiness Review (R-SLRR) is located at:

Legal Assistance Resources
(3)  Legal Services Website
(4)  Legal Assistance Info Papers
(5)  Office of Soldier's Counsel:
(6)  Claims Website