7th Psychological Operations Group 
230 RT JONES ROAD MOUNTAIN VIEW, California 940431809
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"Support By Truth"

​7th Psychological Operations Group, USACAPOC(A)
230 R.T. Jones Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
Mailing address
P.O. Box 188 Box 2
Moffett Field, CA 94035
Unit Administrator: (650) 526-9275
Unit Locations and Contact Information: Click for Map
Lt. Col. Miguel Castellanos, Commander
Command Sgt. Maj. Phillip Houseworth, Command Sergeant Major 

Subordinate Units

10th PSYOP Battalion
St. Louis, Mo.
307th PSYOP Company
St. Louis, Mo.
308th PSYOP Company
Belton, Mo.
318th PSYOP Company
St. Louis, Mo.
362nd PSYOP Company
Fayettevill, Ar.
12th PSYOP Battalion
Mountain View, Calif.
320th PSYOP Company
CP Withycombe, Ore.
324th PSYOP Battalion
Auoroa, Colo.
349th PSYOP Battalion
Auoroa, Colo.
361st PSYOP Company
Bothell, Wash.
14th PSYOP Battalion
Moffett Field, Calif.
301st PSYOP Company
San Diego, Calif.
304th PSYOP Company
Sacramento, Calif.
315th PSYOP Company
Upland, Calif.
353rd PSYOP Company
Las Vegas, Nev.
17th PSYOP Battalion
Austin, Texas
341st PSYOP Company
San Antonio, Texas
344th PSYOP Company
San Antonio, Texas
345th PSYOP Company
Dallas, Texas
399th PSYOP Company
Baton Rouge, La.
306th PSYOP Company
Los Alamitos, Ca

7th Psychological Operations Group Distinctive Unit Insignia

The torch, a symbol of enlightenment, with seven tongues of flame alludes to the 7th Psychological Operations Group and their basic mission. The torii refers to Okinawa, where the organization was originally activated. The quill and sword representing the correlation between psychological operations and military achievement; the quill representing the power of ideas; the sword, in addition to representing military aspects of force, alludes to the fact that psychological opeartions are also a form of warfare. The sword, being a Katana, alludes to the fact that the operations of the Psychological Operations Group are centered in the Asian theater. The colors black, gray and white refer to the color symbolism of black, gray and white propaganda. The green background or backing is the color used for Psychological Operations organizations.
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