The Future of the MIRC
The Army has started a fundamental transformation to meet the needs of the future called “Army 2020”. The 38th Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Raymond Odierno, writes, "We must ensure that our Army, as part of the Joint Force 2020 is: adaptive and innovative, flexible and agile, integrated and synchronized, lethal, but discriminate."
The Intelligence Community and, by extension, the Military Intelligence Readiness Command are part of the change. Active Component funding and force size will decrease significantly. Conversely, as resources decrease, intelligence requirements in a new flattened operating environment will increase.

Since its inception in 2005, the MIRC has provided the Army, Unified Combatant Commands, and national level agencies with unprecedented reserve intelligence capacity and capability. As Operation Enduring Freedom comes to an end and the needs of the Army and the nation change, the MIRC must adapt and evolve. In the future, the MIRC will be geared more toward intelligence production and training in reach-back and less toward forward deployments.

It will continue to be an operational force, providing properly manned and equipped units and trained Soldiers to minimize intelligence gaps and maximize access, expertise, reach back capability, and exercise support. The MIRC’s reserve component mission will continue to closely parallel the active component mission. In keeping with the Army’s emphasis on regional alignment, MIRC units will regionally align with active component counterparts to provide theater support and will be organized to support Combatant Commanders’ requirements.
MIRC units and Soldiers will complement their warfighting skills with language training and regionally focused cultural training to fit within the Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) structure in place. In the RAF model, MIRC Citizen-Soldiers will provide critical skills to augment their Active Component counterparts.

To meet future goals, the MIRC requires the following:

• Trained Soldiers with current security clearances
• Units appropriately equipped and stationed in the vicinity of a SCIF
• SCIFs with an adequate number of systems and the required networks
• Connectivity to the appropriate Combat Support Agency or Theater Intelligence
• Long term tasking requirements from CSAs and AC counterparts.
• Sections, individuals, or units ready to forward deploy for Theater Security Cooperation and Theater Engagement
• Theater engagement exercises reaching back to MIRC units resulting in certified sections

Are you ready to be part of the future?
MIRC 2020 Vision:
An enduring operational force, the regionally aligned MIRC produces intelligence ISO Theater intelligence requirements and presents relevant and trained Army Reserve MI formations and highly skilled citizen-Soldiers ISO of geographical Combatant Command requirements worldwide. Providing worldwide reach, MIRC units access national capacity and provide strategic depth while using current intelligence architecture systems to provide real world intelligence and relevant training. ​