Maj Gen George A. Custer

Camp Custer, MI

339th Infantry

While Maj. Gen. George A. Custer​ was not one of the 85th Divisions Commanding Generals, he is the namesake of our command. Camp Custer, Battle Creek, MI is the original home of the 85th Infantry Division. This photo is believed to be of the 339th Infantry Regiment and the 310th Engineers landing in Russia during WWI Polar Bear Expedition.​
339th Infantry Russia

85th Div CG

85th Infantry Division in Rome

339th Infantry Regiment at Archangel, Russia in formation for inspection.​  See more about the Polar Bears at this link Michigan Minutes: Detroit's Polar Bears
Lt. Gen. Mark W. Clark, Commanding General, U. S. Fifth Army, refers to maps as he discusses the local situation in Italy with Gen. Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander (not in shot) and Oliver Littleton, British Ministry of Production (left rear). Left to right (front), are Maj. Gen. John Coulter, commanding general, 85th Division , Gen. Mark W. Clark, Brig. Gen. Paul W. Kendall, acting commanding general, and Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Keyes, commanding general, II Corps. 9/20/1945
The 85th Infantry Division reaches the gates of Rome, Italy during World War II 1944.
85th Inf Div on Mt. Verruca

Mt. Verruca Italy 3rd Battalion, 339th, 85th Division advancing up a trail over which men and supplies move to the front.  The rugged terrain in the background is the first line of defense of the Gothic Line.​