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Welcome to the 75th Training Command USAR website.  This site is currently under construction.
America's heroes deserve exceptional military leaders.
Those military leaders deserve exceptional training.
The 75th Training Command gets the job done.
Whether stateside or deployed to a combat zone, military commanders do not lead their units in a vacuum. Each commander carefully selects, mentors and oversees a team of supporting staff that manages critical areas including personnel, logistics and operations. A commander's ability to keep the troops safe and accomplish the mission is directly related to the professionalism, competence, and teamwork of those staff leaders.
The Army Reserve's 75th Training Command is the Army's center of excellence for the development and delivery of training aimed at making those staff leaders more effective. Historically, the 75th has accomplished this through live and constructive training. However, in an effort to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the Training Command now offers virtual and gaming formats. And while the 75th has predominantly supported Army units in the past, the command now provides similar high quality training to other military branches, non-military agencies, and partner nation military forces.
The 75th Training Command is a national asset, with subordinate unit headquarters located in Alabama, California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.
For the latest news and information on the 75th, please visit us at www.army.mil/armyreserve75.
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To request training support, please contact us at 832-380-7000.
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