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Local Army Reserve unit reaches new milestone
By Army Sgt. First Class Danial F. Lisarelli
75th Training Command Public Affairs
Ellington Joint Reserve Base, Houston—A group of 33 US Army Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers graduated from the US Army’s Battle Staff NCO course conducted by the 1st Mission Training Brigade, 75th MCT Division, at Ellington Joint Reserve Base in Houston recently.
This is the first Battle Staff course conducted by the 75th’s 1st Southern Division in the newly-completed Battle Projection Center at Ellington JRB.
The Battle Staff NCO course is designed to prepare Army NCOs to serve in a Tactical Operations Center using the Command Post of the Future.  NCOs become skilled in all phases of military operations to include battle tracking, estimates, communication, movement of assets, and numerous other aspects of controlling the, “battle space.”
The 75th Training Command is a unique organization, being the only Army unit to provide battle staff training to battalion and brigade-sized units usually prior to mobilization and deployment.  Since January 2003, the division has provided training to numerous Army Reserve and National Guard units prior to deployment into combat. The command consists of five divisions located in California, Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey, and Texas.  In 2006, the 75th was awarded the Army Superior Unit Award for distinguished service in the Global War on Terrorism.
The honor graduate of the course was Master Sgt. Mark C. Hughes of the 1st Group, 2/75th Atlantic Training Division, located at Fort Dix, NJ.  Hughes was the only Soldier in the class to achieve an overall score greater than 90 percent.
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