108th Training Command (IET)

Family Programs Staff Information
Family Programs Director
Ms. Christina Daily
BB:  704-315-4594
Office:  704-227-2820 x 4237
Family Programs Coordinator
Ms. Denise Wallace
BB:  704-886-4771
Office:  704-342-5128
Prevention Education Specialist
Ms. Juanita Johnson
BB:  704-496-3943
Office:  704-227-2820 x 2406
Community Outreach Assistant
Conducts wellness checks to Families of mobilized and deployed Soldiers; promotes and advertises Family Programs and services we offer; reaches out to community resources in case of emergency on the part of a Soldier or Family member. 
Ms. Erin Schaeffer
Office:  704-227-2820 x 4218
Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) – Support Coordinator
Ms. Shronda Eason
Office:  704-227-2820 x 4218
Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS) – School Support Services
Ms. Will Horn
Office:  704-227-2820 x 4221
Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS) – Youth Services Specialist
Ms. Carlisha Martin
Office:  704-227-2820 x 5002
AFTB (Army Family Team Building) is an educational program for Army Families, Soldiers, civilians, Retirees, and others who wish to learn more about military life. AFTB promotes practical life management skills and independence, improves knowledge of the military, and enhances Family Readiness. AFTB classes cover a broad spectrum of topics from basic information about the Army to the development of skills for personal and professional growth.
The training can be found online at My Army One Source (Army OneSource Home Page).  For more information, visit the Army Reserve Family Programs page @ www.arfp.org. 
AFAP (Army Family Action Plan) is a way to address the demands of Army life by identifying quality of life "hot spots" as the Army transforms and continues to engage in contingency operations.  This is one of the ways Army leaders demonstrate they care about the people who make up the Army Family. 
To submit your own AFAP issue, visit the Army Reserve Family Programs page @ www.arfp.org. 
Fort Family Outreach and Support
Fort Family is providing a single gateway to responsive Family Crisis Assistance, available 24/7, 365 days a year. It provides a unit and community based solution to connect people to people. By pinpointing Families-in-need and local community resources, the AR can quickly connect the Soldier Family and resources thus providing installation-commensurate services in the geographic location of the crisis. Fort Family has established a community based capacity by engaging our Nation's "Sea of Goodwill" to support Soldiers and Families closest to where they live.
You may contact Fort Family at 866-345-8248 or help@fortfamily.org. 
Army Strong Community Centers
The mission of the Army Strong Community Center (ASCC) is to develop resilient Families through effective community partnerships, thus enhancing the strength of our total force and the communities where they live. The ASCC is an element of the Virtual Installation initiative that was created to fill gaps in services and to support geographically-dispersed Families. The ASCC supports ALL branches of the Military, Veterans, Retirees and their Families by working one-on-one through every situation until a resolution has been reached. Support is provided by experienced and knowledgeable staff, delivered with a personal touch and excellent technological capabilities.
To locate the ASCC nearest you, visit the Army Reserve Family Programs official site @ www.arfp.org.