To collect, preserve and interpret the history of the US Army Reserve and the Federal Citizen Soldier.
The Army Reserve was created in April of 1908, but the concept of a Federal force of Citizen Soldiers dates back to the founding of the United States. Unlike their counterparts in the National Guard, Army Reserve Soldiers have no state mission or allegiance.  Federal Citizen-Soldiers have played an important role in defending the United States for almost 250 years.  Since it's establishment in 1999, The National Museum of the Army Reserve (NMAR) has existed to tell their story.
Something to Think About... (by Jennifer Friend, NMAR Museum Specialist)
One of my favorite artifacts is currently on display at the USARC within an exhibit on Trench Art. It is an M1889 Campaign “Diary” Hat. It belonged to a Soldier of Company E, 2nd Ohio Volunteers. He recorded his military experiences on his hat. Among the illustrations is the USS Maine, a large American eagle, marching soldiers, a pup tent, and many other scenes.  Names are written along the underside of the brim.  I have always wondered what the names were from. Were they men he served with… men who’ve died…?
Artifacts whether they are letters, objects, photographs, or a voice on a recording have a way of reaching out to us. What are some of the most memorable artifacts you have seen and why?
Circa 1898, Campaign "Diary" Hat

The US Army Reserve Command (USARC) Tour Program makes special tours available to Army Reserve soldiers, other members of the Armed Forces, and the general public. Tour groups must make arrangements at least five days in advance with the Field Historian of the Office of Army Reserve History (OARH). All participants must sign in at the USARC Security Office and obtain a vistor pass to enter the headquarters. Tours will be limited to the display areas. Weekend tours are available by appointment. 
Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all Federal Holidays
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Directions by Auto- Fort Bragg is located north of Fayetteville off of Highway 87.
From downtown Fayetteville, head north on Bragg Blvd. Turn left onto Randolph Street.
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