Unit Readiness is structured to identify projects around the globe where Army Reserve Soldiers may provide their technical expertise, physical capabilities, and leadership skills in conjunction with private and/or public resources to make an impact on local communities, while simultaneously fulfilling Army Reserve training requirements.

One example of this impact exists within the collaboration of the U.S. Water Partnership and the Army Reserve. Through this developing initiative, Army Reserve Soldiers with engineering specialties provide their expertise and labor to the U.S. Water Partnership that brings together multiple agencies to address water security challenges around the globe, especially in the developing world.

For more information about Unit Readiness, call 703-806-7607 or email usarmy.usarc.ocar.mbx.p3@mail.mil.

Unit Readiness


The Army Reserve builds partnerships with private and public organizations in order to maximize success at home and abroad while advancing individual, leader, and unit readiness.

Individual Readiness: 
In collaboration with organizations that advance employment, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and Family wellness, we increase the overall readiness of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family Members.

Leader Readiness:
By partnering with organizations that provide opportunities for professional and trade career development, mentor-protégé, credentialing, and certifications as well as provide training and licensure opportunities that are recognized by the civilian sector, we increase our leader readiness.

We leverage partnerships to enhance training both in and out of the continental United States while supporting missions for the Geographic Combatant Commands and Army Service Component Commands.