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I hope this finds the Soldiers, Staff and Families of the 310th ESC well, and that you and your Families had a great and restive holiday season! Now that 2017 has begun, and with it a new opportunity to focus on Readiness, I would like to take some time to reinforce the concepts of Operational Readiness and maintaining our Resilience in the face of a high OPTEMPO and the demands of Family and professional requirements.

The 310th ESC is at the forefront of logistical operations and training for the Army Reserve. Our Mission to plan, provide, monitor and control operational-level Sustainment Operations has made the Command the hub for logistics support for operations at home as well as abroad. Right now we have several units deployed, such as the 313th MCB, or in the process of mobilization for deployment, such as the 497th CSSB.   

I would like to commend our Soldiers and 310th ESC units on working to make the Command a success at meeting the challenges of Medical Readiness, operational commitments and training objectives. We are making progress, but there is still a lot to be done.

There is an old saying, “Protect what you’ve earned,” and it remains as true today as when it was first coined, whether talking about respect, leadership, setting the example, or showing concern for others.

It is important to remain retrospective in looking back at challenges as well as our achievements, both recent and historical. Part of creating and maintaining a successful organization is analyzing past obstacles to communication and cooperation that posed challenges to arriving at the finish line. Backwards plan for success.

Each of you, the leaders of the 310th ESC, must look at everything we do with a critical eye; is our training planned well? Is it tough and realistically conducted? Part of this process is the after action review, which must be effective, documented, and recommendations must be evaluated and acted on for needed improvements.

Even when you must follow, lead! Another question to ask is, are we leading effectively at the unit and personal level? The leader roles of every Soldier includes setting the example and enforcing standards in our personal conduct of properly maintaining our equipment, ensuring our fellow Soldier is taken care of, and maintaining our own physical and mental toughness. Leaders have got to be involved. You are responsible for your success, your subordinates and your Families.

Be a hands-on leader, meeting challenges ahead of time. Ensure you place yourself as a leader at that critical place and time, whether on the battlefield, at the training area, in the office or at home during those stressful and difficult times. Leaders ensure that they take responsibility and expect high standards of themselves and their fellow Soldiers. You must not accept marginal or unprofessional performance. It is not who we are.

Finally, as leaders, we must ask each day if we are doing all that we can to make the 310th ESC stronger, more successful; if we are contributing to making the Command better because we are here. Keep your Resiliency at a high level – “hunt the good stuff” and set good goals.

I look forward to a great year with the 310th ESC, we have already accomplished much, but we have much more ahead of us! 

Victory Through Support!

Brig. Gen. Vincent B. Barker

Commanding General

310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

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